Among European countries, Turkiye (formerly called Turkey) comes in 6th place in the recent rankings of the world’s most visited country despite the pandemic, with over 51 Million tourists from 2019 to 2021 according to World Population Review. This just prove how attractive this country is!

Situated at the crossroad of the East and the West, Turkiye has an undeniable charm that is unparalleled elsewhere; reasons enough why one should get a citizenship to grow their wealth and well- being, and live there! Turkiye is a country that occupies a unique geographic position, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe.

Residency in 90 days

Investment from €280,000

Right to live and work in Turkiye

Whole family is eligible for the program

Why invest in Turkiye?

First- world country

According to CIA Factbook, Turkiye is a developed first- world nation. It ranks in 20th place for the largest Nominal GDP and 11th place on the largest GDP with a population of 83.4 million.


It’s got both atmosphere- the modern with state-of-the art facilities and the laid- back country life and resort feel.


It’s got endless list of tourist attractions you may spend a lifetime discovering, a rich history dated back to the Biblical times, tapestry of cultures, delicious cuisines, well- maintained surroundings, artistic buildings, clean environment, great climate and beautiful beaches.

Self- sufficiency

You’ll never have to worry for under-supply or a commodity because Turkiye manufactures everything on their own with highest standards.

Excellent Health Care

Like most European countries, Turkiye residents and citizens enjoys the benefits of its health care system. Ranked in the 28th position, just 1 point behind Singapore in the overall performance.

Regional Power

Turkiye is one of the strongest nations of Europe. The country become an integral  part of Council of Europe, G-20 and NATO. In fact, it ranked 10th in the Strongest Military Strength according to Business Insider.

Why citizenship investment in Turkey make sense?

  1. Low investment; You can buy a real estate property at $250,000 minimum.
  2. Quality Real Properties; Wide selection of real estate properties you can invest on.
  3. Passport Power; Turkish passport is allowed to travel to 111 countries visa- free according to Visa Index.
  4. Citizenship; Lifetime Citizenship is granted 3- 6 months from application and dual citizenship is available.
  5. Language; You don’t need to study Turkish or take any language test to get a Citizenship.
  6. Residency; There is no minimum residency requirement in order to be granted a Citizenship.
  7. Full Medical Assistance. Most- advanced medical procedures, high- grade hospitals and equipment, affordable health care, with free emergency service even for residents.
  8. Inclusion of Family; Family members can join the application at the same time.
  9. Pension programs.
  10. Free education and University reimbursement.

What is the Process?


Book a Consultation. Once we receive your inquiry, our Property Consultant will guide you and help you select the best property that fits your criteria throughout the process.


Legal Proceedings. A lawyer will help prepare the legal requirements needed, including opening a bank account.


Property Acquisition. Documentations involving the transfer of property to your name, assessment and turn-over of property.


Submit your Documents. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur iaculis, erat at posuere suscipit, orci felis lobortis diam, eget consequat quam ex id dui.


Residency Permit Approval. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur iaculis, erat at posuere suscipit, orci felis lobortis diam, eget consequat quam ex id dui.


Citizenship Approval. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur iaculis, erat at posuere suscipit, orci felis lobortis diam, eget consequat quam ex id dui.


Other than Real Estate property, there are other investment opportunities to get Citizenship in Turkiye. The list is as follows;

  1. Bank Deposit minimum of $500,000 in Turkiye, kept untouched for a period of 3 years in the bank.
  2. Real Property Investment Fund participation share of a minimum of $500,000 for at least 3 years.
  3. Real Property Investment Fund in IT Centers fixed capital worth $500,000.
  4. Create Job Grants for a minimum of 50 people.
  5. Purchase of Government Bonds worth $500,000 held for at least 3 years.

The investor can withdraw the money but it may affect the application for citizenship or a dismissal of citizenship. The money should remain in full amount for a period of three years.

Investor can deposit any currency equivalent to the required amount in dollars.

You may opt for Plan A (Citizenship by Bank Deposit) which will require depositing an amount of $500,000 in Turkish bank for a period of 3 years.

You need to invest an accumulative amount of $250,000 in real estate property. This means you can buy two units or more properties as long as they reach the minimum required amount.

Yes, you can rent and earn from the real property after you purchase it.

Yes, you can sell the property but only after 3 years of acquisition.

You don’t need to travel to Turkiye to open a bank account providing that the country you are in has an accredited Turkish franchise bank, or you may opt by opening through Online Banking channels. However, you can nominate our Consultant as your representative to open the bank account for you via Nomination or SPA.

There are no implications. In fact, they will save the hassle in case a language barrier arises, and additional requirements are needed. The representative (s) are not allowed to any amount. They will only serve as a bridge for you to follow the process and submit the necessary documents on your behalf with the limitations stated in the SPA.

We use the latest encrypted technology for file-sharing which secures your file and any private information you share.

Suspicious money deposits may be subjected to investigation for money laundering and other criminal acts. It will be the bank’s discretion whether to accept your deposit or not, providing the documents you submitted is insufficient or discriminatory.

You don’t need to be in Turkiye during the process except when you are scheduled to appear before the Ministry of Migration. Our Consultant will guide you throughout the whole process from selecting the property to buy, to opening a bank account, to acquisition of property and submission of documents.

No one can take any amount unless both signed or requested for a permission to withdraw.

No one call sell your property acquired in Turkiye unless you have nominated her/him for full ownership. Purchased properties cannot be sold before the 3-year period ends.