Portugal is like a hidden treasure lying on the sunny side of the European continent. This humble country ranks top on the best weather list, with 200 days of sunshine all-year round. It is highly- globalized country with a stable economy. It has a great healthcare system like most of its European neighbors. It is least populated with a very organized city structure, highly- preserved heritage, kind people, and a rich culture to explore. These are the reasons why people who are aware of these do not hesitate to secure Golden Visa Investment opportunities in this country.

Portugal is actually one of the most popular among GV countries maybe also because of the relative advantages in obtaining Citizenship.

Residency in 90 days

Investment from €280,000

Right to live and work in Portugal

Whole family is eligible for the program

Why invest in Portugal?

Residency and Citizenship

Easy Residency and Citizenship. Invest in real estate property starting at 280k Euro and get Residency after 3-6 months. After 5 years you can apply for Citizenship, with only a minimum of 7 days visit per year or 14 days every 2 years.

Economic Stability

One of the First-World countries in Europe, ranking 38th place among the 66, and 31st Freest Country in 2022 Index with a 70.8 Economic freedom score. The entrepreneurship and business opportunities score of the country also brings Portugal among the top 30.

Health Care Benefits

Portuguese citizens and legal residents enjoy state-provided healthcare with state-of-the-art facilities.

Peace & Security

The country is peaceful with a low crime rate, ranks 4th on the Global Peace Index since 2007. It is in 18th place in the World Atlas of Most-loved countries.


Progressive and tolerant laws. 89% of the Portuguese believe everyone is entitled to practice their religion and free to choose their sexual orientation.

Quality of Life

Voted on 29th place for Overall Best Country to Live according to usnews.com. According to GreenMatch.com Portugal’s clean air index score is 3.5, half a point above the cleanest score which is 3.


It is voted as the best country in Europe with the best weather condition all year round with an average of 40-83 Farenheit. The coldest temperature doesn’t go below 40 F, and not above 90 F.

Real Estate Prices

Portugal’s real estate are booming since 2014, rising at an average of 4- 7% consecutively. Portugal Monetary Fund, International Banks, and Investors have confirmed that a property bubble is not likely to happen as the mortgage and development sectors are kept under strict control. The property rights score of Portugal is high at 61.8%, thus giving investors confidence that their investments are in good hands.

Social Purpose

Portugal cares about human rights, the environment, climate, social justice, racial equality, religious freedom, distribution of political power, animal rights, and trustworthiness to be ranked in the 16th place for Best Countries for Social Purpose.

Why citizenship investment in Portugal make sense?

  1. Visa-Free Travels; 5th place in the ranking of the most powerful passports in the world. Visa-free travels to 187 countries. Because it is one of the EU and EFTA countries, you can freely move, live or conduct business in another country within the zone without a visa.
  2. Lifetime Citizenship; Issued after 5 years of Residency with only 7 days visits per year or 14 days every 2 years. This means you don’t need to reside in Portugal in order to become a citizen.
  3. Profitable Real Estate; There is no argument that real estate is the best and less-risky investment out there. And Portugal is the best place for it because the government imposes strict rules to avoid a “Property Bubble”. Earn rental income right away as Portugal’s urban properties rank 9th place among European countries with the highest rental yields better than urban cities in France such as Paris.
  4. Health Care Programs; Ranks 17th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation in 2021, and 12th place in terms of overall healthcare efficiency according to WHO
  5. Low Cost of Living; commodities and services in Portugal are relatively cheap compared to the rest of Europe thus citizens enjoy a high quality of life.
  6.  Quality of Life; ranked 29th place for Best Countries to Live in the World.
  7. Easy Language; Easy multiple-choice exam with a high passing rate because applicants only need to pass 55% minimum score of A2 Level Portuguese.
  8. Free Education; Free college at public universities
  9. Flexible Taxes; Considered by many as a tax haven, Portugal’s NHR tax program allows qualifying individuals to legally eliminate their taxes on most foreign-source income.
  10. Full Family Residency; Investors can include spouses and dependent children on the application for Residency with minimum investment on a 280k Euro real estate property.
  11. Exit Investment after 5 years; you can freely sell the property after 5 years.

What is the Process?


Book a Consultation. Once we receive your inquiry, our Property Consultant will guide you and help you select the best property that fits your criteria throughout the process.


Legal Proceedings. A lawyer will help prepare the legal requirements needed, including opening a bank account.


Property Acquisition. Documentations involving the transfer of property to your name, assessment and turn-over of property.


Submit your Documents. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur iaculis, erat at posuere suscipit, orci felis lobortis diam, eget consequat quam ex id dui.


Residency Permit Approval. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur iaculis, erat at posuere suscipit, orci felis lobortis diam, eget consequat quam ex id dui.


Citizenship Approval. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur iaculis, erat at posuere suscipit, orci felis lobortis diam, eget consequat quam ex id dui.


Investors are required to purchase a real estate property at a minimum price of 280k Euro excluding the fees.

Investors can purchase properties starting from 280k Euro within the low-density areas or any 30-year-old commercial or non- commercial properties under renovation in key cities for a minimum of 350k Euros provided that it has been given a sales permit.

Given that you have found the property you like to buy and the documents necessary for purchase are ready, the process can take place right away. It only takes 3 to 6 months until Residency is approved once all papers have been submitted.

With our internet age advantage, you can apply for Golden Visa without coming to Portugal. We have Property and Business Consultants and Lawyers ready to help you get started. All you have to do is book a consultation or fill up a contact form so we can guide you for the next steps.

First, the investor needs to consult our Golden Visa advisor to check if the requirements are in place. Once qualified and have all the documents ready, we will guide you through the best property options you can buy. Once you found the property to purchase, inspect and evaluate it, the legal process shall take place thereafter including opening a bank account in Portugal and owning a tax number.

There are ways to open a bank account in Portugal. One; is to go to Portugal personally. Second; through our agent with SPA authorized by you and secured online date transfers.

Yes, our agent and lawyer with a SPA will do the process for you. Rest assured that all data exchange will be protected via our highly-encrypted portal.

Acquisition of property and transfer of rights shall take place right away as soon as you signed the Purchase Agreement and all legal procedures had been conducted. Funding should be available in full amount in order to acquire the property quickly.

As an investor, you can rent the property for a period of 5 years but you cannot sell the property during the GV application process unless you decide to cancel your application. You have to wait until you acquire Citizenship if you want to sell otherwise it will affect your application for citizenship and residency.

You can live in most of the residential properties unless it is stated otherwise.