The Pearl of the Orient Seas- the Philippines, is a lovely archipelago of more than 7,000 islands in the Far East, strategically situated at the gateway of the East-Asian countries, have more to offer than just the splendid beauty of its beaches and the hospitality of its warm-hearted people. It is a peaceful country with an open-minded culture for business investments, and a pleasant atmosphere to start a new life.

Many retirees choose the Philippines to be their home because of its affordable quality of life, with accessible leisure areas like resorts, golf, and yacht club with smiling people ready to serve you any time of day. It is the most friendly country in the world toward the elderly. When it comes to housing, ex-pats and foreign investors alike can purchase and own affordable condominium units easily. It is a developing country with a resonant economy and a promising future.

Residency in 90 days

Investment from $75,000

Right to live and work in Philippines

Whole family is eligible for the program

Why invest in Philippines?

Business opportunities

The Philippines is situated at a critical entry point in the ASEAN market being at the crossroads of international shipping and airlines. It has persistent economic growth, an excellent workforce, a favorable business environment, open-minded culture, tech-savvy, and strong local consumption, ranking at #11 for the Best Countries to Invest in 2021.

Human Resources

97% of Filipino people can communicate in English, and the literacy rate is 94.6%, which makes them among the top human resources in the world. Another compelling characteristic of Filipino workers is their adaptability, cheerfulness, and politeness.

Affordable Commodities

It is estimated that the cost of living in the Philippines is relatively low. You can have a comfortable life with only a minimum of $800 a month covering all expenses such as food, shelter, healthcare, and taxes.

Social Atmosphere

Ranking among the top countries that are most welcoming to ex-pats and foreigners. There is no discrimination in the Philippines towards religion and sexual orientation.

Developing Country

The Philippines stands at 32nd spot in the World’s Largest Economy by Nominal GDP according to the IMF, and is the 12th largest economy in Asia, and the 3rd largest among ASEAN countries.

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Why Citizenship by Investment in the Philippines makes sense?

  1. Low investment; With only $75,000, you can already own a business in the Philippines and apply for  citizenship.
  2. Residency and Visa; Easy to acquire residency and visa program 6-12 months after application. You can also apply for citizenship after 10 years as a Permanent Residence in the Philippines.
  3. Flexible Tax; You don’t pay double taxes for businesses you own outside the Philippines.
  4. . Open for Business; The Philippines ranks at #25 among 191 countries that is good for business. It has cheap manufacturing costs and skilled workforce
  5. Affordable Health Care; Laboratory tests, hospitalization, doctor visits, and even surgery are not as expensive in the Philippines as in other countries in Asia. Ranks at 6oth place among 191 countries according to WHO.
  6. Leisure and Play; Ranking at 17th spot among countries that have fun, pleasant, friendly, touristic and good for leisure and play.

Popularity of the Philippines by Statistics

Number of immigrants is estimated to be about 800,000 foreign immigrants as of 2019

Investors in the Philippines by country as of 2021

Singapore- 80.17 %
Others – 31.87% (Turkey, Middle East, India, Australia, others)
Netherlands- 26.9%
Japan- 24.47 %
UK- 13.38%
US- 3.82%
South Korea- 3.01%
China- 2.14 %
Cayman Islands- 1.34%
Taiwan- 1.19%

Top 10 Highest Immigrants and Expats by country in the Philippines as of 2015

United States- 29,000
China- 28,705
Japan- 11,584
India- 9,007
South Korea- 5,822
North Korea- 4,486
Canada- 4,700
United Kingdom- 3,474
Australia- 3,360
Germany- 3,184

Growth of Foreign Investments in the Philippines Net foreign investment growth is 59 % growing steadily and recovering by the end of 2021


There are 3 ways where you can get an Investor Visa in the Philippines with a minimum of $75,000. To guide you better regarding the type of industries, our expert Consultant will help you find the best option in any of the following;

  1. Publicly-listed companies
  2. Companies listed in the Investment Priorities Plan of the Board of Investments
  3. Companies engaged in manufacturing and service sectors

You must be above 21 years old with no criminal record, not afflicted with a contagious disease, with no mental disorder and disability record,

After successfully applying for an Investor Visa, it only takes 6 months to get approved.

No. Real Property will not be considered an investment under the Investor Visa program. However, any foreigner is eligible to buy and own condominium units.

Yes, you can include your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old in your application.

SIRV or SRRV is called Special Resident Retirement Visa is different from Investor Visa. You need to be 35 years old or older to be able to apply for SRRV.

SRRV program requires the applicant to maintain a $20,000 deposit in an approved retirement account, that will remain untouched for the duration of the stay in the Philippines.

Yes, you can withdraw the money whenever you want to leave the Philippines.

Yes. The spouse and 2 children under 21 years old are included in the SRRV program. The excess number will be charged $15,000 per individual.